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Image on the left: Collage representing who I am 

ABOUT Nivedha

-The Artist

I am an 18 year-old visual artist and I strive to make a difference in our world. I have developed artworks in which constant reflection has led to my unique and heartfelt expression of my thoughts on society.


In 5th grade, I started taking classes with my art teacher and mentor, Mrs. Pallavi Sharma. Since then, I have developed my technical skills and ability to integrate important societal thoughts in my artwork. Now, I am taking AP Art in high school and I hope to pursue art throughout my life.

Awards & Nominations:

Art Reflection Competition Winner Several Times

Student Recognition Visual Arts Contest District Winner in the Black and White Category 


- Recognized by Presidential Nominee and California Congressman Eric Swalwell



Nivedha Kumar


About Nivedha

In General

I grew up in Bay Area, California all my life. My main passions are computer science and art. However, I have a broad range of interests. I love hiking with my dad in a nearby mountain. I love reading current events. Recently I read books, including Red Queen and I am reading Name of the Wind right now. Traveling with my family has been one of my favorite past times. I also love listening to a diverse medley of hip hop songs. Recently, I have been listening to Jonas Brothers new quarantine song X!

< Me at Antelope Canyon, Arizona
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